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Thanks to the hands that smell of bread!

History of Ukrainian farmers

Хвала рукам — логотип RGB



Our Ukraine is rich in hard-working and sincere people, and it is rich in the agricultural sector. The love of Ukrainians for land and work has won our country a special image – the breadwinner of the world. But behind every ear, every grain, is someone’s hard work. It is about such people, the workers of the field who have succeeded through their hard work, are told in the project “Praise to the hands smelling of bread!”. The project announced itself in the fall of 2016 and found resonance in the hearts of many people.


The agency has created a logo, photo book and marketing materials for project promotion.

Хвала рукам — фото 3 Хвала рукам — фото 11


Vitalina Sitalo, Ruslan Samigullin, Darya Nikonishina, Victoria Shabelna, Mike Mukovoz



Yaroslavna Tkachenko, Ulyana Koryakina