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Trade mark of flour "Darislava"

Дарислава — логотип RGB




The main task from the customer was to create a new trade mark that would support the authentic direction and was in line with the requests and preferences of customers — residents of Kharkiv and the region. Among the names suggested by the Agency the customer chose the name “Darislava”.


The designers of the agency immediately imagined the image of a young mistress who cares about her family and creates coziness in her own home. The new flour brand is full of family comfort, family devotion and culinary traditions.


Дарислава — фото 4Дарислава — фото 8

Olena Kolomoets, Nina Dankanych, Mike Mukovoz


Sergei Semiysny, Mykhailo Tyulyakov, Sophia Kochergina